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Shayla’s Story

Our daughter, Shayla, was born in 1970 and was admitted to a hospital 24 hours after birth. She was diagnosed with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD), the same disorder that our son passed away from. Characterized by the sweet smell in urine and ear wax, it is critical for MSUD to be diagnosed directly after birth to prevent brain damage. Treatment is a closely monitored diet supplemented with a special formula. As a mother, I learned by trial and error because little was known about MSUD during this time.

There were no doctors in our area who had enough experience to help with daily challenges, and we desperately needed a specialist in northern Indiana. Our prayers have been answered with the establishment of The Community Health Clinic (CHC). We have a doctor, dietitian, and staff who are capable, compassionate, and have worked to improve Shayla’s treatment. They are always available when we need them. We, her parents, and Shayla appreciate the CHC with its exceptional standard of care. May God bless all who are involved in the CHC as they serve our community and other areas.

picture of shayla for patient story